Whistler Z-15R High Performance Radar Laser Detector with Real Voice Alerts ,Total Laser Detection and Icon Display with Digital Strength Indicator

The Whistler Group Z-15R #ad - Icon display w/ Red Digital Signal Strength Indicator. Type: radar detectorthe z-15r detects all lasers used in the united states and has traffic flow signal rejection tfsr to help eliminate false alerts from radar based traffic flow sensorsThe Z-15R detects all lasers used in the United States and has Traffic Flow Signal Rejection TFSR to help eliminate false alerts from radar based traffic flow sensorsTotal Laser DetectionReal Voice AlertsIcon Display w/ Red Digital Signal Strength IndicatorPOP Mode DetectionStay AlertSetting SaverDim/Dark ModeQuiet/Auto QuietDimension: 4.

44 x 2. 85 x 1. 23 inchWeight: 034 lbsmanufacturer warranty: Covered by Manufacturer's Warranty Total laser Detection;Non-bilingual Version. Real voice alerts;high performance;POP Mode Detection;Dim/Dark Mode ;Quiet/Auto Quiet. Field disturbance sensor Rejection FDSR;Stay Alert ;Setting Saver. Traffic flow Signal Rejection TFSR.

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Radar Detector Anti-Slip Radar Detector Dash Mat

PHONIL Radar-Detector-mount-d #ad - Avoid use on surfaces that have a lacquered finish. Holds cell phones, mp3 players, sunglasses, Pens, keys, GPS, Coins, Radar Laser Detector. Washable and movable. This pad is compatible with soft vinyl surfaces. Simply clean surface before you apply. Passport radar detector, cobra radar detector, Escort radar detector, Valentine radar detector, iPod, droid, Whistler radar detector, iPhone, Sirius radio, android Made of high quality soft pvc.

Removable radar detector mount, washable, reusable. Remove top cellophane and place radar detector firmly on top of the Mat. Anti-glare and Flexible design. Allow to dry. If pad becomes dirty, clean pad with soap and water, and re-apply. Place the radar detector Magic Mat smooth side down and press firmly on dash.

Radar Detector Anti-Slip Radar Detector Dash Mat #ad - Use with any radar detector. Remove back of cellophane. Clean bottom of the radar detector with rubbing alcohol. No adhesive needed. Suited for curved surface. Directly cling to the dashboard, no need any adhesive tape.

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