HSTECH 10 Pcs Radar Detectors Suction Cups for Clear Cobra Escort and Beltronics Radar Detector Mount

HSTECH #ad - Suction cups fit all Cobra, Escort and Beltronics Radar Detector mounting brackets suction cups. Suction cups are slightly larger than Original Manufacture and stick great! Suction cups for clear Cobra Escort and Beltronics Radar Detector Mount. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!!! if you don't like this product, we will REFUND YOUR MONEY, no questions asked.

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6 Pcs.CLEAR Suction Cups For Beltronics, Escort and Cobra Radar Detectors

China SC x 6 #ad - 6 pcs. Clear suction cups for beltronics, Escort and Cobra Radar Detectors Auction For 6pcs. Thank you for looking at this item ! And will fit other models not listed. Compatibility: beltronics, rx65, passport 9500ix, escort: works with: redline, solo rd-5110, vector 995, passport 9500i, passport 7500, pro 100, rx55, 4500, vector 965, passport 8500, solo s2, gx65, pro 300, sti driver, solo 4, pro 200, 5000, Vector 955, Passport 8500x50, Solo 5, 6800, Solo S3, 4600, Passport 7500S, STi Magnum, Newer Vector 940, Pro 500 & Express 795, Vector 895, and 4200.

6 Pcs.CLEAR Suction Cups For Beltronics, Escort and Cobra Radar Detectors #ad - Shipping: us buyer, we will ship in us with tracking We generally ship packages on Monday morning and Thursday morning Except Holidays Sometimes they may ship a day sooner or later. Suction Cups! Note: these suction cups fit the Cobra Bracket that holds 2 cups, and not for the bracket that holds 3 cups. Cobra: ssr-50, xrs-9345, xrs-9340, xrs-9840, xrs-9845, xrs-9950, xrs-9530, xrs-9400, esd-777, xrs-9960g, pro-9780, xrs-9745, xrs-9845, xrs-9670, xrs-888, xrs-9840, xrs-9545, xrs-9690, irad 200, irad 900, xrs-757, xrs-9940, xrs-9300, xrs-9430, xrs-9630, xrs-9955, xrs-9440, xrs-9830, xrs-9930, xrs-9550g, xrs-9500, xrs-9640, esd-7330, xrs-9880, esd-8200, xrs-9330, xrs-9600, xrs-747, xrs-9645, xrs-9965, xrs-9945, xrs-9370, esd-9000, spx-5500, esd-767, xrs-9540, xrs-950, xrs-9570, ssr-80, xrs 9965, xrs-777, esd-7100, xrs-9445, esd-9290, xrs-970, xrs-9740, xrs-9970g, xrs-9470, xrs-9700, xrs-9985, irad 100, xrs-9730, xrs-9775, spX-7800BT.

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