AudioControl DQDX Black 6 Channel Performance Digital Signal Processor

Audiocontrol DQDX BLACK - Dimensions: 5. 75"w x 9. 25"d x 1. 25"h. Acr-3 dash control remote included | discrete input and output level controls with clipping indicators | 12-volt Remote Turn On Output | Built in Pink Noise for easy Signal Delay and Equalizer tuning and system set-up. Audiocontrol dqdx black car pro 6-channel digital signal processor equalizer new six input and output channels with level controls | Independent Front, Rear, and Subwoofer equalization | Fully adjustable 24dB / Octave Linkwitz-Riley selectable crossover.

Total harmonic distortion: 001% | frequency response: 10hz-22khz | equalizer frequencies front/rear: 125hz, 80hz, 250Hz, 50Hz, 2khz, 63Hz, 100HZ, 500Hz, 8kHz | Equalizer Frequencies sub: 31.5hz, 175hz, 1khz, 40hz, 125Hz. Pfm frequency: 20hz or 30hz selectable | crossover frequency: 50hz-500Hz selectable | Signal Delay Max Left/Right: 10ms | Signal Delay Max Front/Sub: 35ms.

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InstallGear 14 Gauge AWG 100ft Speaker Wire True Spec and Soft Touch Cable

InstallGear IG14100 - Rugged blue/Black PVC Jacket. Two color jacket for Easy Polarity Identification. Easily connect your speakers to your entertainment system's A/V receiver or amplifier with this 100ft spool of 14-gauge speaker wire. Copper clad Aluminum Conductor CCA. Product features: • 100ft speaker wire • 14-gauge • true spec and soft touch wire • Great for car or home use • 2 jacket colors make for easy polarity identification • Conveniently wrapped on compact spool • High quality CCA copper 100 feet 30

5m. True spec Stranded Wire. From design, engineering and construction, InstallGear speaker wire is built not only to look good but to maximize the performance of any audio system.

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Stinger SHD20 HPM Series Power or Ground Distribution Block with Satin Chrome Finish

Stinger SHD20 - Protective cover included. The stinger shd20 1/0 gauge input to 4 gauge output Chrome Power Distribution Block includes 1 1/0 Gauge input and 2 4 Gauge outputs. Rugged blue/Black PVC Jacket. 100 feet 305m. Corrosion resistant satin chrome finish. Compact space saving design. Copper clad Aluminum Conductor CCA. The shd20 features a corrosion resistant satin chrome finish and a protective cover.

True spec Stranded Wire. Hpm series power or Ground Distribution Block. 1 1/0 gauge or 4 gauge input / 2 4 Gauge or 8 Gauge outputs. Two color jacket for Easy Polarity Identification.

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